What is Krimpy?

Krimpy is an Open Source file sharing client based on the Internet Relay Chat network. It allows users to easily share music, pictures, video and other files via IRC channels. Krimpy supports the popular SDFind protocol.

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Note: If you haven't installed Krimpy on your system before, you will first need to download and install the package labeled "runtime". After that, you can just download the core binary updates.


I had the idea for Krimpy after using a mIRC script called SDFind. The script, written by SDSailor, makes it easier to serve files via IRC channels. However, searching for and requesting files on IRC is still a very manual process. Users must type in lengthy commands, monitor multiple chat windows, etc. My attempt with Krimpy was to automate the whole process. There are currently two basic types of file sharing utilities: peer to peer and server based. Krimpy combines the strengths of both systems. Since Krimpy uses IRC, file exchanges are negotiated via a central server. This is more efficient than a peer-to-peer system, such as Gnutella, where each client acts as a repeater for file requests. Once a file has been requested, Krimpy handles the exchange by directly connecting to the client and performing a standard DCC file transfer. This has the benefit of a peer-to-peer system, since the central server does not contain the files being shared, nor a database of filenames being offered. There are several other advantages to Krimpy. The IRC network has been around for many years. It is time tested, with a large network of servers around the world. It is highly unlikely that this will change in the near future. Also, Krimpy is completely Open Source. Users are free to see exactly what the program is doing. Many of the file sharing utilities available today contain advertisements and spyware. Krimpy is written in Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0, although, I am open to the idea of porting Krimpy to other operating systems through a more universal programming language. Presently, all the basic functions are working, albeit a bit buggy. Many of the things that should be configurable (server name, user name, etc.) have been hard coded for now. Also, the size of all program windows is fixed. I tried to focus on getting the core functions working rather than spending time on the display details. Krimpy conforms to the protocol established by SDSailor, so it can be used in any IRC channel that uses SDFind. Since the SDFind protocol is meant to be human readable, it is not exactly the most efficient. Ideally, in the future, a more streamlined protocol would be established for Krimpy clients. If you would like to get involved with the project, feel free to contact me.

- Jackie Treehorn

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